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Mid Bay Heat was founded by former NFL player and built from the ground up by a group of strategic, eager graduates and career changers. Ready to learn new skills and achieve their career goals while working as a team to build something worthwhile that they can take pride in for years to come!


He is committed to his own personal and professional growth, and that of his team. He’s taken a lot of what he learned on the football field and in the locker room and applies that to his business. Every day is a new game. We win some and we lose some, but we’re always learning from our failures and celebrating our successes!

The Team: We guarantee to increase your confidence and transferable skills while helping you expand your comfort zone and build your professional network of like-minded people. We’re so confident in our proven coaching and training techniques, strategies and systems, that we offer uncapped earnings, advancement opportunities, and travel/ leisure/ financial bonuses on a regular basis!

"Want a Seat at the table" 


We successfully promote our clients’ products, services and current specials through promotional campaigning to gain public attraction, helping them to enhance their brand and acquire new customers on a daily basis! Since our clients are always looking to expand into new territories and demographics in reference to consumer growth, we’re always game for adding additional talent to the team! Looking for daily involvement with advertising content creation, digital marketing and executive management opportunities.


As we forge ahead with our aspirations to become the best/fast-growing business in Florida for career-development work opportunities and to accommodate the growth of additional client contracts, we will continue to add new talent to our team on a weekly basis until client’s growth needs are satisfied in full. Our CEO has a stellar track record in business stemming from his time as a professional athlete in the NFL, and he uses what he learned with the Jaguars to help his team members get the most out of their careers and lives! His ability to help people see their hidden talents and maximize their potential is second to none.


Working with Mid Bay Heat can be a fantastic opportunity for business graduates, career changers, career starters, former athletes and others with a competitive edge, desire to succeed and willingness to expand their comfort zones! We can teach all necessary skills, but we can’t teach people to want success- that has to come from within! So, if you’re the sort of person that feels stuck or like you could be doing more with your life, we’d love to hear from you to explore whether a career with us would ignite the flame within you!


We’re committed to providing a safe space for our team members to learn, earn and grow. We believe that personal development is crucial to professional success, so we offer weekly education through workshops, conference calls and digital media. Everyone in the company is assigned a mentor and will receive coaching directly from the owner himself and his business coaches!


Everyone that’s offered a position with us receives full product training for each campaign, sales & customer service training, and a team leader to check in with daily. We operate an open-door policy where anyone can speak to the CEO about their results, their peers, their earnings, their progression path or anything else related to their role when they need to without having to go through a chain-of-command. 


All positions start off as entry-level training with responsibilities relating to sales, marketing, customer service and administration. As people learn, grow and produce consistent results, they’ll have the opportunity to remain in their existing role or enroll in our Business Development Program where they’ll assume more of a leadership/backend role. This proven program cross-trains individuals in additional areas of business including: recruitment, client relations, people management, business management, and finance.


" Since changing my career, I started working with Mid-BayHeat and felt welcomed through the entire office. This has single handedly been the best  opportunity working with this amazing company while progressing in my career personally and professionally." - Jasmine

"Mid-BayHeat, is a company like no other. My hard work and passion never goes unnoticed. Everything you do for the brand gets returned to you ten- fold. " - Fabian

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