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Mid Bay Heat is a Promotional Events company in Tampa, Florida that specializes in Public Attraction Campaigns to help businesses in Florida reach their target market in a fast and effective fashion. We use trial and tested methods that have helped service and product-based businesses increase their brand awareness and market share.
Even though we’re a start-up company, our CEO has worked in the industry for several years and is well connected. Our services are in high demand because although the way companies reach consumers is constantly evolving and changing, one thing remains consistent in person communication is effective !! We successfully promote our clients’ products, services and current specials, to the general public through creative structure events and other top marketing platforms. Helping them to enhance their brand and acquire new customers on a daily basis!


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Tel: 813-922-2552

Email: Hello@Mid-BayHeat.com

Hours: M-F 9am-5pm

Located in Tampa, Florida 33634

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